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How do I find out the Rate of Duty and VAT applicable to my goods?
You can either use the on-line service: go to 'Europe Taric' or alternatively, call the Classification Help line on: 01702 366077

 What other charges should I expect to pay in the UK?
These really depend on too many factors to mention here. However you can use the following as a guideline:
i) For a Full Container Load (FCL), you should expect to pay the shipping Line charges. These include: Terminal Handling (THC), Loading and un-loading charge (Lo-Lo)
ii) For a shipment sent on a consolidated service (Less than a Container load - LCL), the port and handling charges are paid for by the UK Agent who's in control of the container, but they then in-turn share those costs between whoever has goods in that container.

What paperwork is required to Customs clear goods in the UK?
Your chosen clearing agent will be able to advise you of the require copies (possibly the originals) of: Bill of Lading (sea freight) or Air waybill (Airfreight) Commercial Invoice(s) Packing List(s) and depending on the commodity being imported, one of more of the following:
    -Certificate of Origin Health Certificate (Foodstuffs) - Click here for more info
    -ATR & Eur1 Certificate - Click here for more info
    -GSP - Generalized System of Preferences/Certificate of Origin - Click here for more info
Other documents and forms may need to be supplied/completed... contact our Imports Team for more information.

How long does it take to clear goods through Customs?
Depending on what the goods are, whether Customs have selected the entry for a document exam etc., these can all affect how long it takes to Customs clear but as a guideline it could take anything from 30 minutes (allowing time to submit the entry to Customs) upwards. Your agent can give you a more accurate estimation, once the entry has been submitted to Customs.

My shipment is on it's way to the UK, can my goods be entered to Customs before they actually arrive?
We recommend that you advise your clearing agent as soon as your goods are in transit, if not before. However, your goods can only be entered to Customs once it has been manifested onto the UK port's computer system. This is usually done only a couple of days prior to arriving at the UK Port.

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