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Calculating the Import Duty and/or VAT:

Once you know the rate of Duty and/or VAT that is applicable, if any, we recommend that you calculate the approximate duty and/or VAT.  Full instructions on how to calculate this can be found on this website.

-Exemptions, Reductions or Relief?
Depending on the reason behind you bringing goods into the U, you may be eligible for exemption from Duty and/or VAT or if not exempt, at leas you may be entitled to pay at a reduced rate.  There are too many to list here, so call our Imports Team if you think that you might qualify or for more information.

Finally, shop around for the best deal that suits YOU!A
If, when your goods arrive, you receive a call or notification from the freight-forwarder used to tranport your goods, you are in no way obligated to use them to clear your goods through UK Customs.  If YOU are paying for your goods to be Customs Cleared, you can, as with most services in life, shop around for the company that no only is the most helpful, but hopfeully also the cheapest...basicall, the one that suits YOU.

Find out how much you freight-forwarder would charge you for Customs clearance, then call our Imports Team for a non-obligatory comparative quotation.  Why pay more, when you simply don't have to.

Hopefully, we have shown you how we can simplfy the rules laid out by UK Customs, essential for anyone shipping goods, whether by courier, road, air or sea to the U.K.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Imports Team
Osborn Customs Services Limited

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