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Imports - a brief introduction:

-So what are the first things you need to know?
Well, it's important to know the following:
i)Goods that are of EU origin, can travel in Free Circulation, meaning that Customs clearnace is not required.
ii)Duty and/or VAT is applicable on most goods valued over £18.00 arriving from outside the EU. (There are exceptions depending on the type of goods, or the reason of our Imports Team for further assistance)
iii)Know what you are paying for: Before ordering any goods, ask the shipper the following "What are the shipping terms?", "Who is paying the shipping costs?".
Ensure the shipper clearly shows the right code on your paperwork.

Remember!! Always ask the sender for a quote for the shipping to the UK or if possible, to your door.   UK agents tend to add money on to to cover profit-share between them and the freight-forwarder from where your goods are being shipped. If you have no other option that to pay for the shipping once your goods arrive into the UK, then ask you shipper, in advance, who their UK agent is (they should be able to supply you with the name of the company, a contact name and telephone number)... find out how much they are likely to charge you and what they need from you to ensure there are no un-necessary hold ups, as delays in the U.K. can cost you extra money in Storage (rent).

- Classifying your goods
Once you know the cost of the items you're buying and the cost of getting them to the UK, you then need to find out if you have to pay Import Duty and/or VAT and if so, roughly how much. All goods, no matter what they are or what they are made of, have a 'Commodity Code'.
This 10 digit number, together with the country of origin, determines the rate of Import Duty and/or VAT applicable, if any. And also whether or not any restrictions apply. To assist you, your supplier/shipper may be able to give you a 'Harmonized Code', which is very similar to the U.K. Code.
You can find the relevant commodity code in the 'Links' menu, then select 'Europe Taric'. Once you have your 10 digit classification code... keep it safe, as you will need it when your goods arrive into the UK.
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