HMRC Forms

This section contains some regularly requested forms. Exemptions and relief can apply to some goods arriving into EC.  Call our Imports team to see whether your goods are eligible and to find out what forms need to be completed in order to customs clear your goods.
Listed below are some regularly requested forms:

No. Description Notice
N/A A brief outline as to the Customs procedures which appply to the importation of goods into the UK Notice 199
C104A I am moving to the EC and would like to bring my car (motor vehicle) with me Notice 3
C105A Declaring the relationship between shipper and Importer, which may have affected the value of goods Notice 251
C110 Temporary Importation of a motor vehicle Notice 3
C1207N I wish to authorise my agent to use my deferment account for all my imports N/A
C1421 Importing goods into the EC that I have recently inherited Notice 368
C179B Re-importing a motor vehicle into the EC Notice 3
C285 I have overpaid Duty and VAT to UK Customs N/A
C3 I am bringing my used personal posessions (not new items) to my home in the EC Notice 3
C384 I am a private importer, paying Duty and/or VAT on a Motor Vehicle and would like to register it for road use with the DVLA N/A
C89 Value build up sheet - worksheet to show additional charges e.g. shipping costs, insurance, etc N/A
C514 To notify Customs that you are paying Duty and/or VAT N/A
C1154 Goods being returned to the EC, after being processed, e.g. repaired, modified, etc Notice 235
N/A Vehicles of Historical Interest... Does my vehicle apply? Notice 05/2005
C220 Application for Economic Operator Registration & Idenfitication (EORI) Scheme N/A
C22A Application for EORI Scheme if you are not registered for VAT in the UK N/A



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