Customs Clearance

Form C88/C21 Completion
Declaring the arrvival of your goods, etiher via air, sea or road, into the UK to HM Revenue and Customs.
Customs forms 
Advice and assistance for the completion of any other necessary Customs forms to clear your goods.
Duty and VAT
Once the entry has been submitted and accepted by HMRC, we offer further advice and assistance with the payment of any import duty and/or VAT.


Specialist Services

CVED (Common Veterinary Entry Document)
The Port Health / BIP (Border Inspection Post) computer system - a CVED must be completed for each part of a consignment that has a public health certificate, for any goods containing meat, fish and fishery products.
Note: where Health Certificates fail to comply with the strict EU Decisions and Directive requirements, the consignment will be refused entry into the EU.

PEACH (The Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates system)
The DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) computer system - application/declaration for importing perishable goods e.g. food stuffs.

Post clearance amendments/reclaims
Applications/amendments for reclaiming overpayments of importy duty and/or VAT.

Commodity classification
Different goods are liable to different rates of import duty and/or VAT.  We can assist you with finding the correct commodity code for the goods you are importing.

Import duty/VAT calculations/estimates
In conjunction with the above commodity classification, we can assist with the calculation/estimate of the import duty and/or VAT which will be levied for your goods.

What to do now? (Instructing us to Customs clear your goods)
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